Sunday, October 16, 2016

Recreating a Memory

There are photos that encapsulate a moment in your life.  You look back and become happy, sad, mad, or a myriad of other emotions.  This photo evokes a happy memory and a sense of time passing yet staying the same all in one look.  It was 1988 and I had just met my husband to be, George.  He lived in Ohio and I in Wisconsin. We took this photo when I went to visit him in Ohio and we were just getting to know one another. 

Recently we saw a piece on the news about a company that rents vintage vehicles.  As they swept through the showroom I happened to spy a vintage Mazda RX-7.   Geo used to talk about his RX-7 when he saw them around and I knew he occasionally thought of buying the car again.  I casually mentioned the news piece and he went to look up the website.  Sure enough, they had the car in a slightly darker shade than he used to own.

What could be more fun than to rent a piece of our past?  With Geo's birthday coming he decided that driving around seeing the colors of fall in the classic car would be the perfect gift.  So he picked it up on Friday and brought it home.  

Saturday was spent driving the manual transmission vehicle around the area taking in the fall colors, having ice cream and reminiscing about old times.  We talked about how he loaded his car up with his possessions and drove it from Ohio to Texas when he graduated West Point and joined his first unit in the army (stopping in Wisconsin along the way to ask me to marry him!). We went on our first dates in that car. We spent our first years together driving around Texas with no air conditioning.  There were countless things we had forgotten that this car brought back which was priceless.  We laughed and as with all things there was a little sorrow.  Things that can't be redone, people no longer in our life and a time that will never come again.

We decided to duplicate that first photo.  Can you really recreate a favorite memory?  Perhaps not, but trying can bring you closer than you thought possible.

To see what vehicles Morries has available visit their website - Morries Heritage Car Collection.  The program closes October 31 but will open again in May 2017 so if you want to take advantage of this unique and fun opportunity call quick!!


kimmiethegorgeous said...

I have always loved the thought of recreating photo memories. Thanks for sharing. By the way, you two havent changed a whole lot since 1988. Congrats and may you have many more years to love.

Jill Bisker said...

Thanks for reading Kimmie. Your comment just needed to be moderated before it showed up. I appreciate your kind thoughts.