Saturday, July 18, 2015

Loading PDF on Kindle

Hey everyone -- Did you know you can load Adobe PDF's onto your kindle or kindle app???  It's easier than it sounds, too.  I've been teaching my beta readers (people who read your manuscript for errors before it's published) for a while and I realized that most readers don't know they have this capability.

First you open the app or device.  (App is photo shown)  Go to the settings button at the bottom and click on that.


Up will pop your information with a section called SEND TO EMAIL ADDRESS.  Email your pdf to that address and you will then be able to read it on your Kindle.  Sometimes I have found it will take several hours but it will come through as a document.  Open the document on your Kindle as if it's a book and read it like any other book.  (In the photo I've replaced my Email address with a phony one.)

Yup...that's all it takes...

Have a Great Summer Day!!

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