Sunday, November 16, 2014

Grateful for my Readers

We see articles everywhere during November to remind us to be grateful.  I try to do so all year  but with the hustle and bustle, disappointments and irritations it's good to sit down and really count your blessings. I have so much to be grateful for -- my loving family, my comfortable home, friends who are supportive, the internet that answers all my questions, the summer warmth which I can look forward to all winter, and all the new readers of my stories!  I really could go on and on but you don't all want to be here forever.

This year I have something new to be grateful for -- it has been an unusual one for me.  I had my first short story and novel published and with that have come opportunities that I didn't know I'd ever have the good fortune to participate in.  I went to a signing at a neighborhood bookstore, I had my book on the shelf in Barnes and Noble and most recently I have been invited to several Book Clubs in the area.

Each of these events have made me push myself out of my comfort zone.  I am not by nature an extrovert but I love getting out and talking with people about my stories.  I appreciate everyone who has given this first time author a chance.  So many of you have been encouraging and kind and it has been a wonderful experience to meet you all.

When we've gotten together and you ask questions of my process, the story or the characters, it helps me to plan my next story.  Whether you like what a character does or not you give me inspiration.  You want to see more of one or more ideas.  I find it helpful to discuss story ideas with other people just to see what they think and where I am going right or wrong in the process.

So if you live in the Twin cities area and belong to a Book Club and you would like me to come and visit please contact me at  I would love to meet you.


Anonymous said...

You have had quite a year, Jill. Congrats on your publications and your readers. Where would we be without them? I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Jill Bisker said...

Thanks Aubrey! It has been fun and surprising!