Friday, September 5, 2014

A Waste of Money?

I'm a huge cat lover.  No, that didn't come out right.  I don't love huge cats, I just love cats a lot.  Well, after looking at Senora, maybe I do love huge cats.  My husband calls me the Pied Piper of cats because whenever we are out walking and I see a cat I call to it and it will stroll over to talk to me and inevitably want to follow me home afterwards.  I think he's fearful that he's going to come home to find he's living with every stray in the county.

Although I grew up with a dog, a poodle mix named Missy, since my marriage 25 years ago I have had cats.  We've been adopted by many cats and they certainly come with their own personalities.  We only have one living with us at the moment and she is the most spoiled of any cat we've had.  Her name is Senora.  Princess Senora Laura Dora for those who want her official title.

Senora came to us when our son, Nathan, was eight years old.  I already had a male cat named Sam but Nathan wanted a cat of his own.  We all know where this story is headed, I'm sure.  Our vet called us to ask if we would take a calico kitten who was in danger of being eaten by a fox that was raiding the barn she was living in.  That was all I needed to hear before heading up to find the little beast.   At 6 weeks old she became part of our family.

I'm not usually one for buying her a lot of possessions, after all she's taken over all mine.  But I was out shopping one day and I spied the cutest little pet bed.  I realized I could replace her ugly, old cat bed we'd gotten free for something that would look nice. I purchased it and came home so excited to show it to her.  I set it in her favorite spot and waited to see how she would like it.  After all, it would only take her minutes to get in a box, bag or suitcase I brought into a room.

 I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I thought about it.  Maybe it needed to smell homier.  I put my robe on it.  Nope.  Her favorite wool sweater.  No.  So for days, I moved it around the room then out into the hall.  I slathered it with catnip and then a soothing cat spray.  Nothing worked.  Once she jumped up on it, smelled it, then lay down for a minute.  Almost immediately she got up again, glancing back at me as if to say, "Right, like this is real furniture."

I decided to give the bed one last chance.  I set it in front of the window in my office facing the window.  Then I went back to my computer and ignored the chair.

Success!  She cuddled up and slept all afternoon while I worked.  I thought, "How cozy, maybe she won't need to sit on my lap while I type."  For one glorious afternoon it worked.  Now, she is back to ignoring the bed and laying in the middle of the floor or settled in my lap.

Lesson learned, never deliberately purchase furniture for a cat.  Anyone want to try out a cat bed?