Saturday, June 14, 2014

Finding the Way Back Acknowledgements

With my novel coming out in just one week's time I want to write some acknowledgements and thank you's!   

First to the wonderful David Housewright who read my story and gave me the cool following blurb - I thank you so very much! I owe you a debt of gratitude I may never be able to repay. 

A neglected mansion with an ominous past, things that go bump in the night, a plucky heroine wandering dark corridors in a flowing nightgown, a handsome spirit hunter, meddlesome ex-husband, greedy neighbors, nagging mother - and a murderous ghost.  All the elements are there in this tantalizing paranormal mystery.  A perfect companion for a summer day - make that summer night.”
                                --David Housewright
                                   Edgar Award-winning author of “The Devil May Care”

If you want to read great mysteries go to his home webpage here --  David Housewright!  He is a Minnesota award winning author that needs to be next on your to-read list. "The Devil May Care" is his recent release in his Rushmore McKenzie series but I would encourage you to start at the beginning and read them all.  He also has the Holland Taylor series, a new volume of his short stories, "Full House", and a great stand alone novel "The Devil and the Diva" -- written by his wife, Renee Valois, and him.

There are a lot of people who help on the way to publication.   Thank you to the staff from Melange BooksBarbara Bradley, who edited my story, Nancy Schumacher, my publisher and editor, Caroline Andrus, my lovely cover designer, and Sharon Hust, my proofreader.  It takes a lot of reading and editing to polish a book and I appreciate all of the people who put time and energy into Finding the Way Back. 

Personally I need to thank my husband, George, my dragonslayer, who encouraged me every step along the way while I was creating this story; my father, Gordon Fick, who always taught me to think positive and never give up; Tammy DeCenzo, who was always positive as I went on and on about my characters on our walks. And finally - my two writer's groups, the Northern Lights Writers Group who introduced me to Melange and are so helpful with all things writing, and The Coolest People Ever, you know who you are. This list could go on forever, I have a large family I love dearly and would like to acknowledge singly but for now I must finish.  

To all my readers -- I hope you enjoy my story -- Happy Hauntings!  Finding the Way Back will be available June 19th at Melange Books or at