Monday, May 19, 2014

Everyone will want to play "Marrying Mr. Darcy"!

I am used to finding wonderful comics, t shirts, and other fascinating memorabilia at SpringCon but I couldn't have predicted stumbling upon a Pride and Prejudice game!   Most of the people who know me, know I love Jane Austen.   I read the stories every couple of years and I've seen probably every rendition of the movies based on her stories.  

Geo and I were sauntering down the isles fully enjoying the creative costumes and comics, meeting the artists, and looking at all the merchandise on display when what should I spy --  but a little game sitting on a table.  

I was immediately intrigued.   I love games.  I love Pride and Prejudice.  Could it really be as wonderful as that combination suggested?  I looked it over  --  role playing, pretty art, and Jane's sense of humor.  I had to try it.  It even had an undead add on, but that's for later.  

We rushed home, well maybe Geo wasn't in a rush but I couldn't wait.  I unsealed the package and cards and pulled out the rule book.  First you have to pick a heroine to be, hum, maybe I should have waited to find some girlfriends.  While I settled on playing Jane, Geo, always a good sport, laughingly chose Georgiana.  (It was a variation on his name after all.)  

The directions were a tad confusing at first play but by the second hand we had figured it out.  You have to collect cards to gain points to win your suitor's heart, gaining friendliness, wit, reputation, beauty, cunning and a dowry.  I picked up my cards and got to draw and play a wit card immediately.  (You have to have a lot of wit to capture Mr. Darcy after all)  Geo drew an event card and lost all his reputation, and captured Mr. Wickham's interest.  Now, he had to get more reputation points to not end up with him.  I drew again, now I had more beauty.  Geo picked up cunning.  We laughed through the cards, entertained by the scandals, balls, gambling and letters.  Ultimately, Geo never gained his reputation back and had to marry Wickham or be an old maid.  He rolled a five and Wickham was bribed to propose.  I drew the second to last card to win Darcy without even having to use all my wit points.  Of course, Jane is not supposed to end up with Darcy but it goes to show, anyone has a chance to win his heart.

Ultimately, we really enjoyed the game, although I think Geo would probably prefer if I played with some girlfriends next time.  

As to the undead packet I haven't tried that portion of the game yet but for someone who enjoys 'The Walking Dead' as much as I -- It should be even more fun.

You too can play --  You may end up Marrying Mr. Darcy

 Author Erika Svanoe - Art/Design by Erik Evensen - Stock Imagery - The Graphics Fairy 


Anonymous said...

Oh, this looks like great fun. I loved the book and movie (Colin Firth version, of course). This may have to occupy a spot on my game shelf. Thanks for sharing, Jill.

Jill Bisker said...

Thanks Aubrey - It's a great game! Colin Firth version is my favorite too. My all time favorite Austen is Persuasion - both the 1995 and 2007 versions! Check them out if you haven't yet!