Sunday, February 2, 2014

Within Reach - Cover Reveal

I received very good news this week about my novella, Within Reach.  Instead of a May release as originally planned, the date has now been scheduled for February 26th!!  This has made me excited but nervous as well.  When my friends and family read my story will they like it?  I certainly hope so but I move forward with trepidation.  After all, each story we write is a personal part of us.  It is telling the reader a little about our lives and what's important to us.  No one wants to hear unkind comments about something we spent a lot of time and energy on trying to make the best it can be.  All I can do is release it to the world and focus on what a positive experience it has been  for me, and hope that I'm able to touch others in a positive way too.  

I've spent the last several weeks editing the final copy and waiting to see the cover art and it is finally here!  It was made by the amazing Lynsee Lauritsen and is shown below.  It's a beautiful embodiment of a scene from the story, a moment when the mother and daughter connected.  

While the story is based on my mother, it is not the true story of her life and death.  Instead it was a tool I used to help cope with her loss.  For the sake of simplicity I changed a lot of details (and of course added the fantastical parts) but the essence of my experience is intact.  I think anyone who has lost or is losing a loved one wishes there were a way to recapture those treasured moments together, and the story offers hope by suggesting a way that we all can.

There are many websites and resources to help those in need who are suffering similar circumstances.  The Alzheimer's Association is one of the places we turned to for information, and part of the proceeds from this story will be donated there for future research and caring for those who have the disease.

Within Reach is the story of Emma, a woman coming to terms with her mother’s increasing dementia and the everyday challenges associated with it.  Inexplicably, she finds herself  ‘re-living’ specific events from her past.  She soon wonders if her own sanity is slipping, and only her mother can help find the key.

In memory of Marlys Joan Tonder Fick, who will always be with me in the memories we've shared .

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