Monday, October 21, 2013

Shadows & Spirits of the State Capitol

We have such a variety of quality events in Minnesota but I find I do more unique experiences when we have guests in from out of town.  This past weekend my sister-in-law and her husband came into town.  We were so excited but as it was somewhat short notice we hadn't planned any fun excursions. 

When they called I happened to have a brochure from the Minnesota Historical Society sitting in the middle of my desk.  As a member I look forward to the brochures to see all the unique upcoming events.  I was sure I would find something we could do I just hoped it wouldn't be sold out. 

Sure enough I hit on Shadows and Spirits of the state capitol.  In the evening for two weekends you can tour the building with only the historic lighting from when it was constructed from 1896-1904.  It had been many years since I toured the Capitol Building but I remembered how taken I was with the building.   

We would see the Capitol Building often when we were downtown.  Driving by I would tell my husband, who hails from Ohio, we needed to visit but there was always something else that would capture our attention. 
We arrived just as it was getting dark.  The thermometer had just hit 40 degrees and the golden light that shown from the doorways and windows beckoned us in.   Climbing the steps we turned to see the Cathedral on the hill across the way, and were awed by the beauty that is St. Paul. 

Walking the halls with the historic lighting was such an evocative experience into the past.  We were met by the 'spirits' of the building who recreated famed historical people and experiences of Minnesota's past.  Telling of the art, building and legislative fights of our history, such as the fight for women's vote, were a former night watchman, an army general, a suffragette, and a building foreman. 

As we left the building, my husband and our guests agreed that this building is as beautiful as many in Washington D.C.  When you mention Minnesota, out of state people mostly speak of our cold weather, but we have a lot to offer in our state.  It made me proud of my capital.  Just one more thing that is worth a visit in beautiful Minnesota.
If you're moved to visit during the evening there is only one more weekend this year.  Tours are Thursday till Saturday, October 24-26 - 6:30, 7, 7:30 & 8 PM.  Cost is $9 - $12 ($2 discount for MHS members)  Reservations required.  651-296-2881.  It makes for an entertaining and learning evening.  Flash photography is prohibited but with a night setting you can still get stunning photos.

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