Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Favorite Easy Dinner

I'm not usually a person who passes around recipes and talks food.  I don't particularly like to cook although my husband, George, says I'm really good at it.  Of course, I have to wonder whether that is to get out of cooking himself but perhaps I'm being too jaded. 

A lot of you who know me, know I am on a anti-inflammatory diet.  It can be restrictive but after being on it for over a year, I quite like it.  I had to find a whole new way to eat from the way I was raised.  Gone are the potatoes, gravy and heavy sauces.  No more sugar, very little wheat and milk.   I can eat some lean meats and fish so we decided to try to make salmon. 

With trepidation we entered the forum of fish.   Neither my family nor my husband's made salmon when we were growing up so we had only had it from restaurants, and even then we weren't sold on the taste.   We started by buying the single serve frozen patties from the grocery store.  They were convenient, and they had this handy little button that would pop out when they were done.  So easy.  Unfortunately they were only so-so in taste and the ingredients they were marinated in, with it's salt and MSG, weren't really optimal from a health standpoint. 

We were walking through our local grocery store when they had a person sampling salmon pan-fried in olive oil.  After tasting it we were sold on buying fresh salmon but we weren't so sure we were going to be able to pull off cooking it.  For some reason it seemed scary, but what did we have to worry about anyway?   If it didn't turn out we could just warm up some Campbell's soup. 

We found a recipe online.  Easy-Peasy.  Cook in 2 Tbsp olive oil for 3 minutes a side.  Cooking on the side with the skin first was no problem but when it came to turning it, well, it just looked yucky.  It was almost like thinking about eating a fish we'd just known.  After our 6 minutes I talked Geo into pulling it out and pulling the skin and scraping the brown stuff off.  Back in the pan on medium high for a minute to sear the bottom and it was ready. 

Now for the sides.  I don't really love rice so we decided to try quinoa.  Everyone was talking about it, a plant based protein.  We tried natural but it was blah.  Finally we found one packaged with roasted garlic flavoring.  Perfect, easy and prettily plated.
We add sweet potatoes for a vegetable and it is the perfect meal.  Cut the sweet potato in small cubes, brush with olive oil, add salt and pepper to taste and bake at 425 degrees for 25 minutes, turning at the half way point.  Yum, and I didn't even know I liked sweet potatoes.
Nutritious, Easy and best of all - Geo insists on being the one to cook it. 
Thank you to my cousins, Renee and Rhonda for encouraging me to write this post!! 

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