Friday, June 7, 2013

Comic Con Not Just For Boys

I know a lot of you have heard of Comic Con but did you realize there was one that is right here in Minnesota at the State Fairgrounds?  It's not as fancy or large but it really is a fun time.  

 One thing I noticed was the lack of females at the event.  It's not as if there are no women but there are not nearly as many as men.  (Ladies, think target rich environment.)

My husband has collected comics since he was young.  Just like Big Bang Theory he can tell you all the back stories of each character.  I haven't paid a lot of attention over the years but it's come in handy for all the super hero movies that have come out.  I get a full background story before I see the movie so I understand the history of what's going on. 

Last year my husband convinced me to go with him to the Spring Comic Book Convention by the Midwest Comic Book Association.  This was my first adventure into comic cons.  It was enjoyable and I just wandered around enjoying the atmosphere.  The costumes, the comics and figurines, and artists everywhere.   But the more I looked at the comics the more I started seeing these graphic novels as art. 

This year was my second visit to the comic con.   We entered and started looking around as usual.  Geo started looking for issues he'd been trying to find and I wandered about on my own.   As I was walking around I noticed a poster of Supergirl that I particularly was drawn to.   One of the themes in my writing is strong women and I decided it would be wonderful to have it over my desk.   The artist was sitting at the table and I went up to talk to her about the poster.  Her name was Amy Reeder and the poster was a cover for a series.  She drew the cover on several of the issues in this series.  I purchased the poster for my office, then set out to find the actual comic books this was the cover on.  I found several of the series but not the one on my poster.   I ended up started my own comic book collection that day.   The art is beautiful and the stories are actually interesting and empowering.   (Amy and her partner Brandon Montclare have their own new series Rocket Girl - read about it on her blog

Then off to do more wandering.  I have a thing about supporting people in the arts but especially women.  That's local authors, painters, jewelry designers or what have you.   I want to see those around me succeed whatever their endeavor.  So I decided to walk around and talk to all the women artists at the event. 

I met two women sitting together, Jessica Hickman and Darla Ecklund.  Both are wonderful artists.  Jessica drew a beautiful comic called The Mermaid and the Shark.   She was able to tell a story through pictures alone.  It's a lovely story about the dangers of netting to the shark population.   A must have for all you shark lovers.  Visit her and enjoy her art at  Darla can do amazing fantasy pictures but also does commission portraits, watercolors and drawings of your favorite pet.  Her enchanting drawings really spoke to me, and I encourage you to check them out.  She will have a new comic coming out soon about the Loch Ness Monster.  Both women couldn't have been more gracious or nice.   They made me feel at home in a new environment which I really appreciated.   

I found myself caught up in the fun of a different world.  One of art and fantasy.  People came dressed  as their favorite comic book heroes and it was really fun.  I saw a wonderful Superman, Batman with a tiny Robin, Poison Ivy, all the Star Wars characters, the Joker and more.  There are photographers there to take your costumed pose and a contest for best costume.  They have raffles so you can win free stuff, which makes for a wonderful fair type atmosphere.  For a day you can suspend belief and just go back to the days where we put towels around our necks for capes.  Perhaps next year I'll even have the guts to go in my Seven of Nine costume. 

Even if comic books don't seem to be your thing, you might enjoy a new adventure.  Now I can't wait for FallCon on October 5th!!     Find it on MCBA website -


Donna Caprio said...

How fun, Jill! I wish my girls, especially Dana, knew about this. I know she would have really enjoyed herself there. Your post is really descriptive, and gave me a feel for what it might be like to attend! Thank you!

J Kat Bisker said...

Thanks so much Donna. I appreciate all your comments. Dana and Lisa would have loved it! Nathan thought it was a blast last year and was sorry he couldn't make it this year!