Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Displaying Your Collections as Unique Art

Hi Everyone -- Yes, I'm finally back.  It's been a long winter so I'm back in organizing mode. This week's blog is all about unique displays.  I know I've done a few display pieces before but I keep thinking of other items to display and finding other containers to use.  Whether it's a collection, a unique gift, a child's art, or a travel memento we all have things we would love to display in our homes to make them uniquely ours.  So here's a few different ideas that may have you thinking of ways to display things in your own home.

I collect antique spoons but I have this unwritten rule that I can't collect anything unless I use it or display it.  It can't sit in a drawer or box moldering away.  I originally purchased this from Pottery Barn but you can get less expensive versions now at Michael's. They aren't as solidly made but they look good and as they are just going to hang on the wall they do a fine job.  I particularly like these because the front swings open and you can easily change what you are displaying.

The next item my husband is not really sold on but I adore.  He finds it very odd to have an elephant just hanging out on the wall but I think you can see him from all sides and he doesn't get dusty.  I purchased this acrylic box at CB2 but you can also find many different sizes and shapes online.


 All of the parents out there probably have children with some sort of item they collect.  Most of the time we would just throw everything in a box but how about displaying some of those items?  One of our son's collections is those little Lego people.  I found this display at the Container Store.  The ability to set up different levels makes this a perfect case for being able to see the details of each little character.

What other unique items can you display?  Photos surrounded by invitations and themes.

Everyone's seen containers of seashells but it's one of my favorite collections.  I actually placed each shell to highlight my favorites.  I've also displayed them in a shadow box.
Vintage and inexpensive fans.

Vintage Needle Holders or sewing supplies can be found very inexpensively on EBay.  This is one of the window boxes from Michael's.  I liked the detailed surround on the frame.


Here is a collection of doilies and vintage handkerchiefs.  How about wine labels, small vintage cookbooks, vintage patterns, necklaces,  boy/girl scout badges, guitar picks, antique keys?  The ideas are as limitless as your imagination.

Ultimately there is no reason not to display your favorite collectibles.  For each idea there is a different case/frame for it.  So pull out a collection and use it as art.  I'd love to hear about anything unique you have found to use for art. 

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