Thursday, November 8, 2012

Small Spaces, More Organizing

It seems like we could all use more room to organize.  How do we create more space to organize?  I was faced with this problem in my small extra bedroom. 

First I put risers under the four posts of my bed.  I worried they would make the bed unstable but surprisingly, they didn't.   I've even gotten on the bed and jumped on it and it remained stable.  It is a tad high so everyone may not like that but I think it's kind of fun.

By adding the risers I can now hide larger, plastic storage bags that now fit under the bed.  I liked this one because not only does it slide easily but the sturdy handle makes it super easy to pull out.   I purchased several so now I can put extra sheets, blankets, and other items in an accessible place, leaving more space in the closet.

Another storage solution I found in my extra bedroom is these wooden trunks.  In the top one I store my camera and all my charging cords that I need for all my electronics.  In the bottom I store items I don't use often that I don't need to worry about infusing the old smells of the trunk like unused Cd's, a box of buttons and frames not in current use.  The trunks are a cute way to add that badly needed space in an attractive way. 
It may seem like simple ideas (and they are), but any time you can reclaim more storage space in your house, it's a win for the organized home.

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