Friday, November 2, 2012

$ .99 container, so many uses

So, time for another--How many ways can I think of to use. . .

Today, we have a small screw top container from the container store although I have seen them at Michaels and various other places.  I like the screw top because I have trouble occasionally with the dexterity in my hands. 

This idea is obvious and I'm sure it's the first thing everyone thought of.  My omega's are a bit large so I like this size of a container for them to carry with me. 

Pins in my sewing room.


A couple of chocolates I can carry in my purse without worrying that they will melt.

I actually carry an empty container with me when I travel so when I have to remove my jewelry it doesn't end up falling behind a dresser or getting lost in my purse. 

I keep a container with some change in my car.  When I go have my hair cut I have to park at a meter and I never seem to have change in my purse. 

I always travel with Epsom salts for soaking minor cuts and bruises. 

Coffee is a huge part of my day and I can't live without my creamer, so if I don't know if someone will provide it I bring it myself. 


Perhaps not everyone will like this one but I travel with a small candle.  You never know when you want to create that romantic moment and I think a candle always helps. 

The ideas seem endless really -- cough drops, nails, paper clips, hair binders and even guitar picks.  (I need to thank my husband for the last idea.  He says his picks are always all over the house.) 

You can start your organizing small.  Pick up an inexpensive container and start collecting items that can go together in it.  Every time you see another one during the week you can add it to its new home.  Before long, you'll have one more thing that you know you'll always be able to find!

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