Monday, October 22, 2012

Girls Love Tools Too

I have a confession to make.  One of my favorite stores is...Lowe's.  That's right and it's not just to plan new floors, cabinets or light fixtures.  I love tools.  I go and look through the tool section to plan how best to go about a new project.  I have a lot of female friends and family who feel the same way.  We put up our own pictures, fix furniture, and plan remodels.  Unfortunately, the truth is that I plan way more projects than I do.  Some of it has to do with time, part of it is money, and the other is my ability--but I'm working on the last item.

I think every woman should have her own tool box.  The container she goes to when she needs to fix something or just put up a framed picture.  This is my new case.  The tools are mine and really I don't share.  ("You have your own tools, leave mine alone," is often heard within our walls.) 


The following are what I have found to be essential--I opted for the smaller versions because 1) they're easier to use and 2) they're easier to store.  I started with my own screwdriver with multiple bits, a hammer and saw, and a measuring tape.  As I thought of more things to have handy, I added a pencil, super glue, chair pads, hangers, box cutters, and other miscellaneous items that have been needed for various projects.  I store it in a kitchen cupboard to keep it close at hand.

Not only do I like the smaller tools but as I've learned to be more independent I have learned to love and use larger tools as well.  The most important thing I've found is to remember not to be afraid of a tool, but to learn to respect it.  Now I look on it as a great adventure.  We recently put paneling up in our basement and I learned to use a belt sander, cut off saw and a nailer.  When we finished I was filled with a satisfying sense of accomplishment. 

One of my most recent purchases was an electric stapler which I used to refurbish my dining room chairs.  They were black for about 20 years.  Now they are freshened up with bright new colors.  I think they really turned out great.  The new stapler was so easy to use it made a daunting project seem like fun.  

 I just finished redecorating my extra bedroom, and now I can add to my resume the use of a power drill, cordless screwdriver and stud finder ("Don't tell me what I can't do!").  I'll show you the result in a future blog.  
I'm not sure what's next on my list but whatever I come up with, I hope I get a new tool!!

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