Thursday, September 27, 2012

Christmas Organizing

There are only 88 days until Christmas!!  This thought may induce panic, nostalgia, joy, or dread.  For me it's joy.  I love Christmas.  I love decorating, snowy days, wrapping presents and picking a present I think is perfect for someone I love.

I used to dread Christmas -- the fuss, the bills, the planning--but then I found a way to make all that easier. 

I started what I call my Christmas box.  In it I have the cards I received from the year before, thank you's, stamps, extra envelopes, a few gift cards in envelopes, a pen and a book to take notes in.   The box I picked is attractive so when I have it out all season it is pretty as well as functional.

The book I keep in my box is a blank hard backed book and it helps me to stay organized and have a record to look back on in following years.  I put tabs along the side to earmark the year.  The first pages under each year are a record of all the presents I purchase and the prices I paid for the items.  This way I have a budget for the following year and I can keep from duplicating gifts.  I can divide the total by number of paychecks in the year and save a certain amount each month.  By Christmas time I can pay for the items I want and don't have to dread the January bills! 

On the next pages I write out a list of individuals I send Christmas cards to.  This way I remember all my friends and I know how many cards to purchase for the present year.  I go through all the cards I received the previous year to again enjoy any messages I received. 

I display my cards in various ways but the most recent is to hang them in my living room from a ribboned streamer.  This way I can enjoy them and think of all my loved ones through the season. 

It's never too early or too late to start planning for Christmas.  Happy Holidays Friends!!

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Donna Caprio said...

Nice ideas, Jill. And I see what you meant about the Christmas card! :D