Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Books, Books, Books Part One

I love books.   I always have.  I don't have one genre I read, I will try anything.  My mood usually dictates what I pick but I always have several I'm working on and a pile to pick from next.  Every time I walk in a bookstore I walk out with something.  Maybe it's something I have planned on purchasing but more often it's something I find while perusing the store.  I own a nook but I usually choose to read a book I can hold.  I love the feel of books, holding them in my hand and turning the page.  I shudder to think of the day when there are no more stores, when you can only purchase online.  I would love to tell you about some female authors I really love, I hope you give them a try. 

I have always enjoyed reading about George Washington.  His life fascinates me.  I fell in love with Mount Vernon on a recent visit to Washington DC.  I stood in the rooms Martha and George lived in and imagined living my life there, a romanticized version no doubt.  In the gift shop I came upon a Biography of Martha Washington by Patricia Brady.  The cover had a depiction of Martha that was age regressed from a painting of her in later life.  She is no longer that dowdy, older woman we always picture her as, she is a vibrant beauty with strength I would love to emulate.  Ms. Brady brings Martha's world to life that makes history compelling.

Another book with a strong woman as its subject is Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead.  This book is a compilation of diary entries and letters that Ms. Lindbergh wrote.  By the end of this book I felt a kinship with Anne and was touched by the life she so vividly brought to life.  This has a view of the kidnapping and murder of her child first hand, but it is also a memorial of a life lived with grace and dignity in the public eye. 

For a lighter read, I suggest Hester Browne.  The Little Lady Agency is the perfect book for a rainy day, or any day for that matter.  Her light hearted banter, gentle romance and quirky sense of humor make this book a favorite.  Everyone needs a light moment in the difficulty of life.   Hester and I share a kinship for everything vintage. 

A lot of women I know are hesitant about reading Fantasy but I loved a series by Kristen Britain.  Her first book Green Rider is a wonderful story set with a strong female lead.  The characters are interesting and the prose is amazing.  A unique story with great plot development.  At almost 600 pages it can be daunting to start but the writing is so good you are never bored as you fly through the pages.

The last book is Haunted Ground by Erin Hart.  Raised in Minnesota, her books are based in Ireland.  She writes of bodies found in Irish peat bogs.  Because the bogs prevent decay they need to determine if the bodies are two years or two hundred years old.  Are these new crimes or old?  The writing is eloquent, the plot is well thought out and the romance is a bonus.

These are just a few recommendations of female authors that I think you would like.  In Part Two of this article I would like to bring you some male authors you may not have given a chance.  Look me up next week to see who I'll introduce you to next. 

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