Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Found Objects

Somewhere along my journey I realized I had an affinity for objects with a history.  Vintage items seemed to speak to me--take me home, I can hear them whisper.  Often you can see in their battered and bruised shells that maybe they had a tough life before they came to me, although their essence remains intact.   Perhaps I can relate on some level.  I find myself wanting to give these objects a home and then a bit of a face lift.  Recently I found a little chair in a consignment store near my home  It was actually a very ugly little chair made sometime in the 40's or 50's, but when I sat in it I fell in love.  It fit me perfectly.  By the time I found it, it had been marked down twice already, but still it stood rejected.  I told myself I didn't really need a little chair and left. That's when the whispering started. Whisper...whisper...whisper.  Yes, the chair started to call to me.  I couldn't get the picture out of my head of this sweet, little chair no one else wanted.  After a few days, I knew the decision had already been made, I would go back and buy the chair.  It had been moved to the back corner, the last place it's located before the owner needs to take it back or it heads to goodwill.  I took the chair home and hid him in my extra bedroom until I could figure out what I would do with him.  One day I went to a vintage sale and found a lightweight, white bedspread and it came to me.  I would make my little chair a custom slip cover.  I had never made a custom slip cover before but I was determined.  After a few days of fitting and sewing, I was surprised with how sweet it turned out.  After being given up on, this little chair becomes a beauty.

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