Thursday, August 16, 2012

Displaying My Collections

 Who doesn't collect memorabilia of some kind?  Is it sitting in a box in your basement?  Well I personally don't believe collections or memorabilia should languish in the dark, tucked away, never to be looked at or enjoyed.  Organizing as a whole is something I enjoy, however my husband says it's a mania because he can never find anything due to my never ceasing journey to have everything perfectly arranged.  After trying to put my home in order, I found I was left with items without a place.  Fortunately, I realized I could apply my organizing passion in a way that enabled us to appreciate our ever increasing accumulation of treasures. 
I've always been fascinated by vintage beaded purses.  I love each and every one I've collected over the years.  Each one is a little piece of art but I love them so much I actually use them when I go out.  They are not expensive or difficult to find but they do make me happy.  Perusing my favorite organizing store earlier this summer, I stumbled upon a small acrylic container.  It was made to display collectible cars but I realized it would be perfect for some of my little purses.  I would be able to have them out, yet they would not be collecting dust.  As you can see, I can display about four at once, and I can rearrange them to highlight a different one whenever I like.

I've also tried to help my husband organize his memorabilia in our home.  He has various boxes holding things from childhood, college and our years together.  His most important memorabilia is his rock and roll items.  He loves rock concerts and I found an easy way to organize the tickets.  Below is the ticket stub diary I bought for him for Christmas.  This one let him jot a few notes describing his memories.

We have some photographs that went in frames on the wall, but there were also other things that didn't quite have a good place.  Finally, I found a shadowbox and put the miscellaneous items in it (drum sticks signed by Alan White drummer for Yes, guitar picks from Tommy Shaw of Styx and  other various badges and buttons).


These are a few of the organizing displays I have come up with, I hope they have given you a few ideas of how to display some of your treasures.  More ideas to come...

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